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Why become a Gladtrotter local guide ?

List, it's simple and free!
Create your experience will take a couple of minutes and is free of charge. Once you fill in the form, we'll review your listing and set up a Skype call to hear more about you!

Flexible schedule and total freedom!
You set your own schedule and price.
Confirm or decline reservations according to your availability.

Meet great people and share your world!
Connect with curious travelers from around the world who want to discover your culture and learn from you.

Earn extra money!
Earn extra money thanks to your passions and skills


How to become a guide


Register as guide and list your experience.
Once you submit an experience, Gladtrotter will review it, schedule a call via skype to hear more, and finally, approve it.

Confirm bookings
Once your listing is online, you will receive notifications via email when a traveler wants to book your experience.

Receive travelers
Now, it’s all up to you. Meet your travelers at your specified date, time and location and show them that you’re a great guide!

Get paid
After the experience, Gladtrotter securely transfers money thanks to Stripe into your PayPal account.