Rémi: French wine guide

Follow Rémi a french wien guide in Paris. Who will show you the typicals french wine bar

For which reasons are you on Gladtrotter?

My tendency is to always search out things to do and places to go; i have a hard time resting at home. Maybe its the fear of missing out, but i feel nothing is gained by staying in. Having like-minded people around to share in the experiences affirms this. Gladtrotter seems like a great way to expand these shared experiences beyond just my friends, and to connect with new people who will have the same enthusiasm as me.

“l tend to stick to areas where there are many many people. Eating locally, finding the hidden treasures in a city or region”

What do you like to do the best when you travel abroad?

I am not really someone who goes out into the wilderness. l tend to stick to areas where there are many many people. Eating locally, finding the hidden treasures in a city or region, finding as close to the authentic feel of a place as possible (it’s always hard with limited time!); these are the things I value while abroad.

What is your best travel memory ?

Going out in Japan and Korea with my friends who work over there. The culture of heading out with colleagues to cut loose is really cool; work hard/play hard is a good mantra. Not to mention the cuisine and nightlife in those places are so much different than in France. Definitely lead to some wild experiences!

What’s your worse?

Trying to eat maybe a little too much like a local in the Yucatan and drinking a slightly scary stomach medicine prescribed by a rural doctor; happily, and a bit surprisingly, it worked.

What do you think should be improved in welcoming tourists in Paris?

So much of Paris is set up to accomodate tourists that getting a genuine feeling of the city is really hard for someone spending a short time here. Even if you are staying in a less touristy neighborhood, the restaurants and bars geared towards visitors tend to attract them more easily than local brasseries; this means there are a lot of people missing out on some great spots. Maybe some Parisiens don’t want their spaces invaded, but as a whole the people who live here are a lot more friendly than advertised, and interactions between locals and visitors are often very fulfilling for both parties involved.

“Really big fan of L’Avant Comptoir, their pig ears are fantastic”

What’s your best memories with a tourist, or the funniest , or astonishing?

My girlfriend is German so whenever she has friends come visit from back home, I am often the one to show them around. I really like taking them to a restaurant that specializes in food from South West France (which is where I’m originally from), and watching them slowly convert to an appreciation of the weirder foods on the menu. Like pig ears.

Your favorite restaurant or bar in Paris?

Really big fan of L’Avant Comptoir, their pig ears are fantastic. For bars, I like places like Chez Georges, a little less classy than some, but with a lot of history and really cool atmosphere.

Your favorite place or district in Paris?

Nothing beats having some wine on the Seine at dusk.

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