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Sofia will guide you through you to a shopping tour in Montmartre

We met Sofia, Gladtrotter guide and blogger mode, which will guide you through the 9th arrondissement  for a little makeover.

What motivated you to sign up on Gladtrotter?

My passion for sharing my favorite places in my neighborhood, as I do on Also, I already take friends who come to visit me on similar visits, so I thought, why not do it for travellers looking to explore a less touristy side of Paris?

What do you prefer exploring or doing when travelling abroad?

Trying the local food! I love discovering off the beaten path restaurants and cafes that the locals go to.

Your best travel memory?

My three-week road trip in Italy last summer. I started in the North (Como) and travelled all the way to the Amalfi Coast in the south. Travelling at my own pace is so important when visiting a large number of cities because it allows me to take the time to discover them well.

“I love discovering off the beaten path restaurants and cafes that the locals go to”

Your worst travel memory?

Anything that consists of organized bus tours with no time to visit the towns and attractions on the itinerary.

What would improve the reception of tourists in your city/region?

Don’t be afraid to leave the bubble that consists of the “Paris of the movies” and venture into neighborhoods where Parisians actually live.

Your best memory involving a tourist, if you have one? Or the funniest or most surprising?

I always find it funny when I see tourists struggling with their maps after they end up in my neighborhood (South Pigalle/Barbès) when looking for Montmartre!

Your favourite restaurant or bar?

La Buvette for dinner, Holybelly for brunch, and Le Perchoir for an evening with friends.

Your favorite area in Paris and why?

La rue des Martyrs for people watching and Montmartre for when I want to be a tourist.

Thank you Sofia for your time and your sharing you addresses. We highly recommend your tours as unique things to do in Paris.

To visit Paris with Sofia for one of her shopping tours on Gladtrotter:

Shopping tour of Paris’ rue des martyres


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